Civil Engineering College In Bhopal

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department was established in 2007.The present intake of this Department is 120. Faculties along with lab staff of this department are dedicated for the full-fledged development of students. Our students have performed very well in various fields and are keen for research work. Field visits, seminars, specialized training and participation in various activities are a part of our scheme. Our institute and this department in particular focuses on the development of the teaching skills of faculties. Labs are given equal importance to make students aware of the practical scenario related to the branch which in turn helps them attract jobs.

The Vision of department is to empower our students with the technicalities and their all round development to fulfill the requirements of present globalization. To preach students the ethics of engineering in order to produce engineers with high caliber and morals to serve the society.

M E E T   O U R   P R O F E S S O R S

Lab Details

• Basic Civil Engineering Lab
• Surveying Lab
• Building Planning & Architecture Lab
• Strength of Material Lab
• Structure Lab
• Geology Lab
• Material Testing Lab
• Quantity Surveying Lab
• Fluid Mechanics Lab
• Transportation Engineering Lab
• Geotechnical Engineering Lab
• Environmental Engineering Lab