Curricular Aspects

Curricular Planning and Implementation

The College is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (for Engineering) and Barkatullah University (for MBA), the curriculum and syllabi prescribed by the university are strictly followed by a well planned and documented process as follows:

Academic record:

A) Course Completion File

The teachers maintain course completion file for each subject which consists of the following:

1.Academic calendar: It serves as an information source and documented planning for faculty, students,  and departments. The calendar includes course commencement, actual number of working days, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and examination dates.

 2.Time table: This includes the assigned slots of taking classes to the teacher.

 3.Scheme:RGPV Scheme is included in the course file which contains the subject name, subject code and the markings of each subject.

 4. Syllabus copy: It consists of course contents of the subjects specified in the scheme.

 5.Lecture  plan: It emphasizes course plan and actual coverage. The discrepancies and action taken report by the faculty is reviewed from time to time. 

 6.Hand written notes: Topic wise notes are prepared which include the complete explanation of the topic. The notes include the name of the topic to be taught, objective of teaching the topic and the outcome achieved after studying the topic. At the end a summary of the topic is explained.

 7.Last five years question papers :Question papers of last five years of university are shared with the students so that they can get an idea of the pattern of paper.


A) Five questions from each unit are given to the students to solve.

B) Unit test: Unit test are conducted on regular basis after each unit.

C) Mid Semester Examination: Two Mid semester examinations are conducted in each semester which helps the students in preparation of final examination.

D) Distribution of thought provoking questions:10 thought provoking questions from each unit are discussed with students.

E) Mentoring of  Students: Every faculty member is assigned a group of students for mentoring throughout the session. Mentors conduct meeting with mentees and record their difficulties, requirements and suggestions to take necessary actions related to curriculum implementation

F)Distribution of  Students Reference Manual:

G)Remedial classes: Extra classes are conducted for the weak students on regular basis.

H) In House Camps are organized: 7 days In House Camp is organized in the campus where the students stay day and night in the college and study subjects that they find difficult and clear their doubts.

I)Departments organize guest and expert lectures from industries, institutes and entrepreneurs.

J)Value added skill development courses, add-on courses are conducted

K)Conduction of soft skills and aptitude classes are conducted to improve the communication skills of the students.

L)Industrial training and tours are also conducted to increase the interaction of the students with the industries.

M) Educating students online with LMS- Bansal Institute  of  Science & Technology continues its unstoppable journey of providing best education through Canvas-a cloud based online teaching platform with intensive interactive features.

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