Chai Pe Charcha

On 1st Feb'20, BIST officially launch their Incubation Centre with the name - B-KITE (Bansalites' Knocking to Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship).

"Chai Pe Charcha" was the inaugural event for B-KITE. The purpose of the event was to share the need and working procedure of an Incubation Centre. Mr. Mayank Saxena and Mr. Akshansh Saxena, alumni of BIST, shared their views on need of incubation services. Mr. Rajat Pandey and Ms. Aayushi Shrivastava, speakers of the day, throw the light on incubation centre, start up and ideation. They have also shared their own experiences on their start ups. Er. Sunil Bansal Sir also shared his views on entrepreneurship and his expectations from this incubation centre. Dr. Sanjay Jain and Dr. H.B. Khurasia also attended the event and have shared their views on need of "Entrepreneurship - Need of today's society"